We have one of NE Florida’s top repair teams ‘in-house’. Our repair team has a broad and seasoned understanding of each musical instrument family.

With a working knowledge base of top performance specifications and a precise consideration of the subtle nuances of each instruments mechanical performance, our expert repair team will bring the corrections and balance to your instrument that allow you and your instrument to perform together at your very best.


In-House Professional Service For All Instruments

  • Woodwinds
    • Padding
    • Re-corking
    • Regulation & Adjustment
    • Clean & Polish
  • Brass
    • Dent Removal
    • Soldering
    • Chemical Clean
    • Valve Repair
    • Pulling Slides & Mouthpieces
  • Strings
    • Bow Re-hairing
    • Bridge Replacements
    • Adjustments
    • Structural Repairs
  • Guitars – Including Banjos, Mandolins, Ukuleles and All Fretted Instruments
    • Classical, Electric, Acoustic, Bass
    • Multi-Point Professional Set Up
    • Bridge Repair
    • String Height Adjustments
    • Intonation Set Up
    • Restringing and More…